Kemas-kemas meja makan

Dear Greoria Basil (Editor) / HR – Sityjun


Application for Early Leaves for Maternity


I’m writing to seek for your kind consideration and approval on my application of early leaves for maternity.

Due to my current health condition, I would like to request for your approval for me to work until 31st December 2014, and to apply annual leaves for the rest of working days prior to my delivery date.

My expected date of delivery of my 1st child is on 15th January 2015, however based on my doctor’s review on my current condition, I could deliver as early as 10th January 2015.

Hence, I am looking at requesting for annual leaves for three (3) days that are on 2nd, 5th and 6thJanuary 2015.

I will ensure that all of my deliverables are fulfilled and any other tasks to be communicated and shared with related team members accordingly before I leave.

Your kind consideration and approval on this request is truly appreciated.


Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Meja Makan Untuk Tiga.


Selamat bercuti! Yippih!


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